More Protection. Less worry. Double Your Warranty Protection with the STIHL Ultra Limited Warranty.* View Full Warranty Details.

Just include a six pack of STIHL HP Ultra Oil (any size containers) or a minimum of one gallon of STIHL MotoMix® Premixed Fuel with your purchase of a personal non-income producing, household gasoline-powered STIHL product and you're covered - it's that simple.

Be sure the HP Ultra Oil or STIHL MotoMix® purchase is included on the bill of sale and have your Dealer register your new product.

Protect your purchase even longer while improving engine longevity of your STIHL product.
*Double limited warranty protection applies to select STIHL gasoline-powered products purchased for personal non-income producing, household purposes only. Other restrictions apply. See dealer for details or refer to STIHL’s Limited Warranty Policy.